ZigDesk Build Process

The "Zig Desk" Back Story

Back in 2011 I was fortune enough to be able to get my hands on a super beast of a CPU, the Intel i7-990X! This processor was the best of the best. (At the time.)

I received the processor for free via a contact that worked at Intel. It retailed for $1,000! Knowing I couldn’t financially replace the processor if anything happened to it. I became worried that its high value presented the possibility of theft since I lived near a college campus. So, I placed the system into a really old and ugly case. (See Picture.) But still I was paranoid, so I bolted the case to the desk. Seeing my case securely attached to my desk, I thought to myself, “If someone wants my PC, they’ll have to take my entire desk!”.

From that moment on, my PC & desk were one in the same.
An idea began to form…

Start of the Zig Desk

Few years later, it’s now 2013 and I was working as a full time welder. By now I had toyed with the idea of building a “desk PC case” several times but never had the time. Well, as luck would have it, the welding shop I worked for closed down and laid off all of the welders.

Now with plenty of free time, I figured what better way to elevate the stress of finding a new job, with a new project!

Since I already knew how to perform 3D CAD modeling, I fired up my computer and began designing my future desk PC using SolidWorks.

The rest was history! (Sorry of the picture quality. They were all taken on a 2013 cell phone.)

Keep in mind I’ve made revisions to the desk over the years. So the finished result from when I built the desk in 2013, is not the same that I have now!

Welding The Desk Frame

Desk Painting

Desk Assembly

Desk Lexan & Lights

Desk Finished "Mostly"