Zig’s Computer Gear

This is the exact equipment that I use in my “Stream Studio”.

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Main Monitor

ZOWIE 24.5"
240 Hz Monitor

240Hz gaming monitor with DyAc. Resolution is 1080p but for the games I play I much prefer faster frames over 4K any day. Love the included S-switch!

Side Monitors

ASUS 23.8"
75 Hz Monitor

These are my two side monitors that I use for video editing, OBS, and Twitch chat. They are IPS which means great viewing angles and great colors!

Monitor Stand

EZM Deluxe
Triple Monitor Stand

This is what I used to mount my 3 screens. It is taller than most stands and is slightly curved which puts the screens at just the right distance and feel.


Corsair K95
RGB Platinum

This keyboard uses the Cherry MX “Speed” switches which are quite and take minimal pressure to press. All keys are RGB and can be set to any color.


Logitech G502
Hero Gaming Mouse

Currently my favorite gaming mouse! Has lots 11 buttons that can be customized, fits well in my hand, has a great sensor, all at a good price. No complaints!

Mouse Pad

Corsair MM400
Mouse Pad

Bummed I can’t find this any more! It’s just a basic Corsair “hard” style mouse pad. Surface is slightly textured, has great tracking and movement is super smooth!


Sabrent 4-Port
USB 3.0 Hub

Epic little USB Hub with switches so you can turn your webcam (or other devices) off when not in use. Add extra ports and privacy at the same time!

USB Switch

USB 2.0 Switch

I use this as a way to control multiple PC’s with a single keyboard & mouse. (My gaming PC & my streaming PC.) Must have for dual PC streaming setups!

USB Ports

FebSmart USB 3.0
PCIe Expansion Card

Need more USB ports on your PC? Or maybe your motherboard USB ports have lag and freeze up your camera? Get this card and install in a spare PCIe slot.