PC Build Specs

This is the exact items in my main gaming PC build.



Asus Prime X299-A II

Tripple M.2 NVMe slots and eight DDR4 slots. Overall it’s a solid X299 motherboard that includes plenty of features and 48 PCIe lanes of fun.


Intel Core i9-10980XE
Desktop Processor

This i9 is an 18 Core, 36 Thread powerhouse with quad channel memory support. I need 34 PCIe lanes and this thing gives me 48 of them! 

CPU Cooling

Noctua NH-U12S
Air Cooler

Don’t let air cooling fool you. This Noctual cooler beats many water cooled AIO’s! The aluminum is anodized black which gives it a super sleek look!

Graphics Card

MSI RTX 2080 ti
Gaming Trio X

Ray-tracing & 11GB of GDDR6. It’s a 20 series but it gets me to my 240fps goal with the games I play and works well for video editing. Awesome card!


RGB Pro 64GB

Total of 8 sticks, each consisting of 8GB for a total of 64GB, 3600Mhz C16 RAM. I have 64GB because I also do video editing in addition to gaming.


Sabrent 2TB Rocket
NVMe SSD Drive

It’s a nice big 2TB drive so that I can fit all of my Steam games and all my programs. The computer boots super fast and games load quickly. I love Sabrent drives!

Fan Control

Corsair Commander PRO
Fan Controller

Best fan controller I’ve ever used! It can control both the fan colors and speeds. It allows you to set fan curves which means my PC is SILENT when not gaming!


Corsair LL Series
120mm RGB Fans

Best of both worlds! These fans look amazing with great colors and brightness. AND they have great static pressure when it comes to moving air. Love them!


Corsair QL Series
140mm RGB Fans

Similar to the Corsair LL series fans with the addition of more LED’s on the back side of the fan as well. So RGB on both sides. Perfect when you need to flip a fan over!

USB Ports

FebSmart USB 3.0
PCIe Expansion Card

Need more USB ports on your PC? Or maybe your motherboard USB ports have lag and freeze up your camera? Get this card and install in a spare PCIe slot.

Power Supply

Corsair CX850M
Power Supply

Don’t ever skimp when it comes to your power supply. This model is nothing fancy. However I’ve found Corsair PSU’s to be very reliable so it’s what I stick with!


Antec Sleeved Cable
Extenstion Kit

Extension cables can look great but can be risky if you buy cheap. These Antec cables are great quality and well priced! I went with black for a sleek, stealthy look.